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Curriculum - Early Years

Play is a vehicle for learning which involves a range of opportunities to explore, imagine, investigate and engage in purposeful and meaningful experiences. It is through play-based experiences that children make sense of their world, as they engage with others and their environment. These learning environments are child initiated, with peer interaction and negotiation by the child with educators and adults.’ (CECWA Early Years Positional Statement).

Our Early Years program acknowledges parents as the first and most influential educators of our children. Developing strong partnerships between the home and school environment is the key to ensure positive and successful learning outcomes for our children. We strive to work in collaboration with parents to foster children’s spiritual, physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning and growth.

The Early Years Framework and Australian Curriculum provide the vehicle for our learning journey in the Early Years. The framework describes childhood as a time of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’. We provide a safe, caring and positive Catholic learning environment that promotes a sense of community and caters for the individual needs of each child. The learning environment enables children to interact with others and connect with their world.

‘As children participate in everyday life, they develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.’ (The Early Years Framework p 7)In the Early Years strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy are developed using intentional teaching and play-based learning. ‘Play-based learning is not ‘just play’. When implemented with care, planning and deliberate learning goals in mind, it is an effective vehicle for achieving expected outcomes for children in the early years.’ (The Early Years of Schooling p3)

In our Early Childhood Centre children have the opportunity to explore, discover, imagine and engage in purposeful and meaningful learning experiences across the Learning Areas. We endeavour to provide engaging, challenging and supportive learning programs that give children every opportunity to learn by continually building on children’s knowledge, skills and interests. We look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey.

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