Sacred Heart Catholic School


School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council plays an important part in the operation of the school and the general management of the school’s resources. The functions of the SAC include:

  • Planning for the present and future operation of the school.
  • The management of finances associated with the school.
  • Advising the Principal with school policy that has financial implications.
  • Members are elected to the SAC at the AGM of the SAC and membership is for a two year period.

Our School Advisory Council Members for 2022 are:

Chairperson: Stephen Lord
Member: Sonia King
Member: Daniel Dempster
Member: Graham Taylor
Member: Ian Leeming
Member: Fiona Siegert
Member: Lauren Carr
Parish Priest: Father Daniel Boyd

From The SAC Chair

Our School is run by a SAC of local members that manage the Schools’ finances and strategic direction. The SAC assists in interviewing and appointing staff, including the Principal, and oversees the School finances.

We teach children the importance of values such as discipline and respect and the role that religious faith plays in our lives. It is my belief that Sacred Heart students have the maximum range of secondary school options available to them upon their graduation at both local and city schools. In fact more and more secondary schools sees attendance at schools such as Sacred Heart, as a pre-requisite for acceptance.

The school was remodelled in 2011 with a major building program, including new early childhood centre, classrooms and library. Included in this was the refurbishment of existing buildings, upgrading the oval and construction of an undercover area. Sacred Heart is an accredited Water Wise school and has installed a solar generation system making our School totally self-sufficient in electricity. We also run a recycling program. These initiatives teach children to appreciate the value of finite resources.

We offer Kindergarten 3 days each week with a Pre Kindy (3 Year Old) Program being offered for two morning sessions each week. Attendance to these programs are optional with Pre Primary being the first formal year of schooling

Students at Sacred Heart actively participate in sport, music and other activity programs. These activities expose your child to a cultural and arts program, and display the benefits of working together as team. This coupled with an up-to-date IT program sees our students have access a one-to-one device program

We would welcome your Child’s enrolment at Sacred Heart, and welcome your involvement in our School community, be it as a member of our Parents and Friends Association or as a member of our School Advisory Council.

We would also welcome your feedback and any further questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact the school admin on 9629 1174 to discuss these further

Thank you again for considering Sacred Heart.

Yours faithfully,

Travis Robert
Sacred Heart Catholic School Advisory Council.