Sacred Heart Catholic School



Strategic Plan 2016-2018

The school is committed to seeking excellence in teaching and learning, with digital technologies permeating the curriculum. The school’s comprehensive learning program is enhanced by special learning area programs including History and Geography, Science, Physical Education, Music and Visual Arts.

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School Compliance Data

The Australian Government accountability regulations require schools to report each year, information on school performance to their community. Some of the information included in this report may have already been shared with the school community at events, meetings and through publications such as the school’s newsletter and website.

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2018 Annual Report

This year our school celebrates its 106th year. It is a time to celebrate our special Faith Story and our great history established by the Presentation sister in 1912 that has continued and developed for many years as we continue our commitment to education of future generations of not only Goomalling, but now many surrounding areas as we have become a school of choice.

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2018 School Board Report

On behalf of the Sacred Heart Board, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Steve and the staff for all their hard work over 2018.

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