Sacred Heart Catholic School


Parents & Friends' Association

The role of the P & F is to express the commitment of parents to the school. They become effectively involved by:

  • Maintaining the school environment and upgrading equipment and resources.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to socialize with the school community.
  • Informing parents of current educational developments.
  • Working closely with the teachers to achieve goals.

The P & F consists of committee of volunteer parents and friends. A parent/guardian of a child attending the school, or any person who supports the objectives of the association is admitted as a member. It offers a forum for collaboration between parents, teachers and the Principal and it is designed to give parents a voice on relevant issues that will benefit the education of their children.

Sacred Heart P&F Assoc.

President : Lara Lord
Vice President : Marcia Haywood
Secretary : Annette Syred
Treasurer : Jaimee Robert
Board Representative : Annette Syred
School Principal : Steve Miranda

The Parents and Friends Association main aim is to raise funds for the school. The money raised can go towards anything that may be needed to benefit the school eg; sports equipment, library books, furniture for the new classrooms, and school camp.

Considering all of the fantastic things the P&F provide for the school, which in turn means for the students, a few hours of your time or a small donation is little to ask.

Download a copy of the latest P&F minutes from Friday, 20th February, 2015

Download a copy of the latest P&F minutes from our general meeting and our AGM held on 21st November, 2014